Auditions - Try Potential Concepts and Tell Us What You Think

Where: YorKitchen (Central Market in Downtown York)

The auditions for ideas chosen at the casting calls will be held at YorKitchen, a shared kitchen incubator located in Central Market in Downtown York. The York community is invited to attend these trials and answer a series of questions about their experience. This will help the Taste Test team make a final determination for which final four restaurant concepts will occupy the 33 North Beaver St. space.

King Brat Auditions September 9-16th- Lunch and Dinner
The second audition will be a concept spearheaded by four local pals known as King Brät. They specialize in locally made sausages and dogs with gourmet toppings. For more information and tickets, visit:

STEAM: Asian Street Food Auditions October 7-16th
The third audition will be a dumpling and ramen noodle bar concept called STEAM Asian Street Food. They specialize in scratchmade dumplings, steamed bao buns, and hearty soup and noodle bowls. To learn more and buy tickets, visit:

Pitch your idea:

We're looking for interested candidates who have ideas for new restaurant concepts in Downtown York. Locals who want to see their ideas come to fruition can come pitch them at two casting calls next month. Ideas that are chosen will have a chance to audition their concepts in a 3 day series where the community can come and taste the food.

Show up at one of our casting call dates and pitch the Taste Test team your idea, or contact Taste Test at or (717)-964-TEST.

Next Casting Call: October 15th at 33 N. Beaver St.