Taste Test Restaurant Incubator has been a part of Downtown York since 2016. It started as an idea, and has developed into far more than that since then. Keep reading to see how Taste Test came to be and what it's growing to be. 

From left to right: Allison Witherow, Toni Calderone

From left to right: Allison Witherow, Toni Calderone

March 2016

Our company launched! Toni Calderone & Allison Witherow come up with the idea and decide to turn the idea into a reality.

May 2016

We were awarded a $20,000 grant from YorIt during their Live Pitch Challenge. This is a social venture fund made possible by the York County Community Foundation.

August 2016

Our first restaurant concept audition happened in YorKitchen, which is attached to York's Central Market, with Hamir's Infusion Indian Kitchen, now known as Hamir's Indian Fusion. We also hosted concepts like King Brat, The Game Day Kitchen, and Forno Bova in YorKitchen.

February 2017

We moved from YorKitchen to our Brick & Mortar in the Royal Square District in Downtown York with our 2 sided space. This space worked as a coffee shop (which we closed February 2018) during the day and then hosted concepts at night. This space gave us the chance to offer short term and long term pop ups to the different concepts that came through.


Moving into this larger space required us bringing on extra hands. Robert Faucette joined as a partner with Toni & Allison to help them with the operations side of running a restaurant. Together, the three partners help the aspiring restauranteurs reach their full potential. 


January 2018

The first success story! Hamir's Indian Fusion, which was the first concept to come through Taste Test, opened its doors on S. George Street. Hamir did a total of 3 pop ups with Taste Test. Read more about his story here. 


We have hosted 24 different concepts in our space, and are continuing to bring in new and previous concepts. We gather feedback from the public to help the aspiring restaurateurs see what works and what doesn't with their concept. This allows them to make the necessary changes in order for them to succeed in their own Brick & Mortar. 



What's next

We have a full schedule of future concepts that will be coming to Taste Test for the first time, or to test out their concept with new improvements. We also plan to explore other cities similar to ours and introduce the idea of Taste Test as a redevelopment tool for those towns.